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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The 4 Pawz Sake Story

I started my business over 8 years ago and wasn't sure what to expect. I initially thought a part time business would be great and working with pets daily, even better! After researching the pet sitting industry I knew this was my calling and took a dive head first. Poof! So how did I get here 8 years later? I sometimes wonder myself and am amazed at how quickly time has flown by...little did I know my part-time business would quickly flourish and become 24/7/365!

It was a natural transition for me to move from the corporate world to running my own business. My career started out very creatively in TV/film, in Los Angeles working with celebrities and high profile clientele. Other endeavors followed that allowed me to stay in marketing/advertising yet also expanded my growth on the legal side. I worked with one of the largest commercial property owners in Denver and a leading legal software technology provider based out of Dallas. I assisted in management, enjoyed event planning and working with all levels of business personnel.

However, I had spent more than enough time cooped up in boardroom meetings and although I enjoyed the creative side, it lacked personal fulfillment. I began feeling more like a corporate minion. Something I'm not. I knew I could continue to move up that ladder but was born with too much entrepreneur blood running through my veins thanks to my Dad. I knew I would be doing something on my own and did!

Pets were always part of my life, literally from day 1. I came home from the hospital after being born and was plunked down on the floor to meet my first furry friend, our German Sheppard named Skizzi.

Skizzi was technically my parents' first 'baby', a 100+ lb. German Shepherd who was so gentle you could feed a pea from your lips and just barely feel the air from his nose as he took it from you. He was brilliant and could also carefully peel English pea pods to only take out the peas to snack on, he was something else!

My parents decided to film my first encounter with Skizzi. They used the good ol' fancy reel to reel equipment back then. They placed me on a blanket in the middle of the family room and Skizzi came running full speed into the house, screeched to a halt to kiss my face, slowly tip toed around me and sped off again to go play outside. Little did I know he would become one of my best friends. I still recall the day we took him to a kennel when we left for vacation.  I balled my eyes out, it was torture and I just couldn't bear leaving him for a minute. He lived to be 15 which was amazing for a dog of his size and we shared amazing memories. He was the first of many furry friends to come into my life that taught me about unconditional love and how to enjoy life through the eyes of an animal.

As a kid, I was always outdoorsy and with no cell phones back then for anyone to call me home I'd happily stay out until the sun started to set. I loved exploring, climbing trees and usually came home with a lost kitten or abandoned bird eggs I thought I could hatch under a lamp. Amazingly my parents let me do all these things.

Learning a deeper appreciation of nature came from spending summers in California with my grandparents. They taught my brother and I how everything in nature is connected in life and to respect it, and that of course included animals of all kinds. We always had the best adventures whether it was hiking, gardening, cherry picking or panning for gold in streams. We did it all. 

Fast forward and I became the friend and family member who cared for everyone's pets, was called upon to help with a stray, volunteered at shelters and participated in rescue charity walks.

It made complete sense for that leap over 8 years ago to not only start my pet care business, but to continue helping homeless pets in need. I  believe in giving back by donating monthly from my business and doing our annual rescue drive to collect items for local shelters/rescues. Every little bit makes a difference.

So here we are, living in lint rollers, getting slobbery kisses, kitty nuzzles and being outside with the best friends we could ask for...our furry companions!

I wouldn't be here without you and we thank you for your sharing your furry families with us.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome to the 4PawzSake Blog! 

If you haven't tried us out yet for dog walking or pet sitting services in the Highlands Ranch area, we hope the meet you soon. If you already know us, thanks again for your support! 

We will be posting to the blog to share pet related tips, answer questions about pet sitting services, and share funny stories and pictures, along with other fun stuff too. 

Share your comments, we look forward to connecting with you!

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